I’ve been getting a lot of comments (for me anyway!)

In the Elysium post, I pointed out that in Elysium, rich, smart business people have access to a magical healing technology, and no one is using it on Earth to make money. Or more importantly, that no one sealed this plot hole with a simple line of dialog in the movie. No one explains why smart businessmen would not be smart about business.

The responses I’ve gotten so far are very thoughtful in their observation about the nature of Elysium’s world. It’s to the credit of the film that people see it as a real place that made sense to them.

That said, why did no one notice?

I have some possibilities.

1. People are used to ‘rich asshole’ stories.

2. No one watching these films has any business experience.

3. Why are you questioning why villains are evil?

Really, any of the three are fine reasons. Seriously. It’s a movie with spaceships. Who cares?

My comment was directed at the storytelling side of Elysium, the gears in the watch, the man behind the curtain. Most people will never see that side. That is totally fine, son.

I am a guy who is fascinated specifically by the way characters in stories use power. And I’m also a writer and filmmaker who has been watching, reading and making stories for twenty-five years. Of course I’m going to notice this stuff.

Would you like to know more?

If you are intrigued by deeper looks at the dark goo hidden at the center of genre entertainment, check out David Wong’s super great article about the dark secrets in all superhero movies. And if you really want your mind blown, there is The Last Psychiatrist’s amazing double feature about how The Hunger Games is a sexist fairytale.

Sharlto Copley is evil.

I love you, Sharlto Copley-bot.