True Stories as Told by the Students of PS13

Novel – Young Adult, Fantasy, Comedy

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Can you READ MINDS? Does your true form BEND THE LAWS OF PHYSICS? Has the teenage experience GOT YOU DOWN?

Maybe you should attend Paranormal School 13 – a magnet school for the supernaturally-abled, hidden in the heart of Los Angeles.

Witness Alexa zap her thoughts into reality; meet Mikey, the werewolf with zero confirmed kills; and survive today’s crisis thanks to Natalie and Cole, Students for Safety partners.

Keep track of homework, after school clubs, and progress towards defeating your evil nemesis in your mandatory student journal.

Paranormal School 13 – An entire school year of wondrous, strange and heartfelt stories, as told (and scribbled, and painted, and photographed) by the students of PS13.