Games Writing Portfolio


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A pair of designed and written side missions for Square Enix’s mobile Just Cause game. These missions showcase unique new NPCs and franchise favorites like Mario, while using new-to-the-franchise game mechanics.

An unproduced short action-comedy “pilot” for the legendary Channel 101 film festival. A big love letter to all sorts of martial arts adventures, from Karate Kid to Mortal Kombat to Bloodsport.

A short character study excerpt from the space opera novel Tellermoon. Like other portfolio samples here, this section is both a nod to the great corporate sci-fi dirtbags of yore (Aliens, Robocop), and an attempt to humanize and subvert the trope.

A short excerpt from a sci-fi horror spec pilot. This excerpt depicts numerous characters reacting as the main character believably (in the writer’s opinion) investigates a supernatural event.