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Just Cause Mobile

Narrative Design and Writer


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AAA-style design and branching dialogue set in a dark Science Fantasy world. You confront an exploited city guard who led you (and others) into a deadly trap. (7 pages, CW: Suicide)

An action-comedy pilot for the legendary Channel 101 film festival. A big love letter to martial arts tournament stories, from Karate Kid to Mortal Kombat to Bloodsport. (6 pages)

A pair of designed and written side missions for Square Enix’s mobile Just Cause game. These missions showcase unique new NPCs and franchise favorites like Mario, and use new-to-the-franchise game mechanics. (9 pages)

A short, cinematic excerpt from an award-winning coming-of-age dark Scifi adventure pilot. Heavy on tone, visuals, mystery and action. (3 pages)

A short character study excerpt from the space opera novel Tellermoon. This passage is a nod to the great corporate scifi dirtbags of yore (Aliens, Robocop), and also an attempt to humanize and subvert the trope. (4 pages)