Wicked City

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The fires died... Up above are the Kyries: fortress skyscrapers inhabited by the fabulous and brilliant, the descendants of those deemed important enough to survive the end of the world. The rusted city below overflows with the ordinary, come to live in the shadow of such brilliance. Acsey Mullay disobeys her father to chase romance in the towers above, and finds herself on the run through the darkest levels of the city, pursued by Kyrie soldiers and anarchist rebels. She’ll do anything to get back the life she threw away for a fantasy, but she isn’t prepared for what these forces really want from her. At the same time, would-be suitor Lucas maneuvers through a world of high fashion and mad science, after the recognition he needs to find safety from a world of betrayal and crawling horrors. No cost is too high, but is he really capable of dealing with the consequences of his actions? Each desperate choice drives the city closer to the brink. It’s all coming apart tonight. Wear your best and put on a smile.

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