2016 was a real boner of a year. In addition to the broad unpleasantness, I personally lost too many, too young, too talented friends. Old podcasts and webseries and short films I made are filled with people that are now gone.

That said, life goes on, and 2016 was also a banner year in a lot of ways. I’m in a new relationship. I now live with a Westie named BMO (!). I won a fitness challenge at my gym and completed my first Crossfit Open. I launched my first novel and am halfway through the first draft of my second. I began performing live comedy again. I was a contribution to people. I bought a Playstation 4.

2017 lies before us all, an opportunity to make a difference in the world. To fight hate. To take care of ourselves and others. To laugh. To get sick gains.

Without further adieu:

2016 Sick Jams:

2016 Favorite Game: Va-11 Hall-A

It’s a game where you play a twenty-something bartender in a 1980’s cyberpunk metropolis. It’s well written and looks like a 90’s Hideo Kojima adventure like Policenauts or Snatcher. The soundtrack is incredible. I loved it so much I got Liz to stream us dubbing the game as she played through it.

2016 Favorite Show: Westworld

I wrote and directed a short ten years ago about robots that look and act human, and the sort of mess that creates when something goes wrong. This show was made for me.

That’s it. I’m off to work on 2017 things. Look for an opportunity to preview my next book as I complete it in the near future!