On Writing ‘Witty’ Spies

I remember watching the trailer for that last Bourne movie, Jason Bourne. Do you? There was a line in it that super bugged me, and at the time I didn’t think about why: “Could be worse than Snowden.” Okay, so the movie is being timely. A professional spook makes a colloquial comparison to a big thing that happened in […]

Weekly Update 3/20/17

I’ve done a lot of work this week consolidating notes on an upcoming project into one place. Any time I’ve got a collected pile of notes, it’s a messy thing. I’m a digital hoarder. Any creative professional today is. I’m grateful to Evernote for the organization it gives me, because at least I know that […]

Weekly Update 3/13/17

I like getting older in some ways. For example, my father was 26 when I was born. And now at any given moment, I can sit and think ‘oh, at this time in his life, Dad had two kiddos, and this is sort of what his day looked like’ and I get a lovely bit of […]

Weekly Update 3/8/17

I am constantly forced to face my assumptions about myself and the world, thanks to actions I take. And the older I get, the busier life gets, the faster these assumptions fall away. Some examples from my files: “I’m a clever and unique storyteller!” “I’m more of an inside kid.” “I’m supposed to be in a […]

Weekly Update 2/27/2017

World Looking In by Morcheeba is playing at this wine bar. I love that song. There was a ~4 year period where every single Morcheeba album was just fantastic, and especially the first tracks on each. For reference: The Sea and Slow Down. Yum. For a teenager still recovering from a diet of primarily pop, Tool and Powerman […]

Weekly Update 2/20/17

Full disclosure: I missed the updates for the last two weeks. Back again from more trips. An absurd number of trips, really. First impression. I’m also a year older. Or rather, I ticked over from 32 and 11/12 to 33 and 0/12. Growing older is a bizarre experience that some of you can relate to […]

“I can’t stop watching this trash fire.” Weekly Update 1/30/17

2017 continues. I think if you’re a young American right now (and judging by my feed, also anywhere else), it’s extraordinarily distracting online and in the world. I remember reading that theory from wherever about how every fourth generation has to face some catastrophe. The last was the Greatest Generation. They survived the Great Depression and then […]

Weekly Update 1/23/17

Was traveling all day last Monday. Another city, another hotel. The schedule is such that there was literally no way to have time to exercise unless I skipped dinner or woke up before 5am. I consider myself determined, but I have my limits for now. I did get some writing in over the weekend. Bouncing […]

Weekly Update 01/09/17

It is January still. I am traveling for work, which means I am in a hotel. Years of traveling in hotels have cooled me on the experience. No longer is a hotel a marvelous wonder, a fancy-pants change of scenery. Today it’s a place I judge by what forgotten gym equipment is placed in the […]

2016 in review.

2016 was a real boner of a year. In addition to the broad unpleasantness, I personally lost too many, too young, too talented friends. Old podcasts and webseries and short films I made are filled with people that are now gone. That said, life goes on, and 2016 was also a banner year in a […]