Learning From Neon Genesis Evangelion

This post is based on a YouTube video I did a couple weeks back. Eva is about to make its debut on Netflix, and I opted to re-watch the series for the first time in years. I’m an early NGE convert; I watched the series originally on VHS (the tapes were WHITE!) way back in […]

I’m talking writing (et al) on Youtube

A while back I was doing the blogging thing. And honestly, I was okay at it. I’ve got posts on here as much as five or six years old at this point that still regularly see traffic. As an indie author, you want those regular updates to go out into the world. You want to […]

On Writing ‘Witty’ Spies

I remember watching the trailer for that last Bourne movie, Jason Bourne. Do you? There was a line in it that super bugged me, and at the time I didn’t think about why: “Could be worse than Snowden.” Okay, so the movie is being timely. A professional spook makes a colloquial comparison to a big thing that happened in […]

Weekly Update 3/20/17

I’ve done a lot of work this week consolidating notes on an upcoming project into one place. Any time I’ve got a collected pile of notes, it’s a messy thing. I’m a digital hoarder. Any creative professional today is. I’m grateful to Evernote for the organization it gives me, because at least I know that […]

Weekly Update 3/13/17

I like getting older in some ways. For example, my father was 26 when I was born. And now at any given moment, I can sit and think ‘oh, at this time in his life, Dad had two kiddos, and this is sort of what his day looked like’ and I get a lovely bit of […]

Weekly Update 3/8/17

I am constantly forced to face my assumptions about myself and the world, thanks to actions I take. And the older I get, the busier life gets, the faster these assumptions fall away. Some examples from my files: “I’m a clever and unique storyteller!” “I’m more of an inside kid.” “I’m supposed to be in a […]

Weekly Update 2/27/2017

World Looking In by Morcheeba is playing at this wine bar. I love that song. There was a ~4 year period where every single Morcheeba album was just fantastic, and especially the first tracks on each. For reference: The Sea and Slow Down. Yum. For a teenager still recovering from a diet of primarily pop, Tool and Powerman […]

Weekly Update 2/20/17

Full disclosure: I missed the updates for the last two weeks. Back again from more trips. An absurd number of trips, really. First impression. I’m also a year older. Or rather, I ticked over from 32 and 11/12 to 33 and 0/12. Growing older is a bizarre experience that some of you can relate to […]

“I can’t stop watching this trash fire.” Weekly Update 1/30/17

2017 continues. I think if you’re a young American right now (and judging by my feed, also anywhere else), it’s extraordinarily distracting online and in the world. I remember reading that theory from wherever about how every fourth generation has to face some catastrophe. The last was the Greatest Generation. They survived the Great Depression and then […]

Weekly Update 1/23/17

Was traveling all day last Monday. Another city, another hotel. The schedule is such that there was literally no way to have time to exercise unless I skipped dinner or woke up before 5am. I consider myself determined, but I have my limits for now. I did get some writing in over the weekend. Bouncing […]