Weekly Update 3/20/17

Weekly Update 3/20/17

I’ve done a lot of work this week consolidating notes on an upcoming project into one place. Any time I’ve got a collected pile of notes, it’s a messy thing. I’m a digital hoarder. Any creative professional today is. I’m grateful to Evernote for the organization it gives me, because at least I know that there are only 2-3 places I have to dig through to know I’ve collected 99% of the random scraps I’ve written down over the past four-ish years of random brainstorms.

I’m not entirely clear how valuable it is to keep everything and throw it into a pile. On the one hand, there’s a lot of duplicate notes. The ideas that stick with me in a story marinate and evolve and end up on the page basically the same, or the most recent version is the clearest one.

On the other hand, when it comes to rough outlines, I did find a couple of bits (out of ~100 notes) that I had forgotten about, that were pretty useful. At one point or another in the past I’d worked out something that, had I not saved it, would have to be worked out now.

If anything, being a digi-hoarder is super useful for the folder of random bits and ideas, and the folder of cool images.

Words last week: 3,428/5,000

Goal words for year: 18/120k


Pretty good output this week, though not quite to the target. A small number of those words are from previous handwritten pages. I’m getting soooo close on this draft.

I am not so far behind that my year’s writing target is unattainable. Pretty exciting for a snail-person.

Blog posts this year: 9/52

Newsletters this year: 0/24 

Books read: 2/20 

No reading updates. I have Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Shhhh.

Actually wait, I did pick up The Writer’s Journey with an Amazon order. And put it down almost immediately. I was expecting something and this was not it. If you’ve done the whole Save the Cat! or Story game, this is very much in that realm of mythic story structure analysis. Also it’s very long.

Workouts last week: 2/4


Alas, travel gave me an excuse to be a bum. This week I will hit at least 3, and we all know 17.5 will be something ugly in the vein of all the X.5 workouts. Maybe rowing and thrusters?? Ugh. I mean I guess that’s preferable to burpee-over-bars.