Weekly Update 3/13/17

Weekly Update 3/13/17

I like getting older in some ways.

For example, my father was 26 when I was born. And now at any given moment, I can sit and think ‘oh, at this time in his life, Dad had two kiddos, and this is sort of what his day looked like’ and I get a lovely bit of perspective about the guy, just like College Humor said I would. I can look at the daily commute I’ve had at jobs and compare to the cross-town trek he would make every day in Houston. It lets me relate to him as ‘just a guy’ and it makes me appreciate him more as a father.

Particularly that cross-town commute. Blegh.

Other aging adventures I am less enthused about, like how my bod is slightly less good at moving. It’s hard to have an exact point of reference for how I’m ‘supposed’ to feel at 33, in part because I am much healthier than I was at 23. Around then, I did start exercising and dieting on my own, but I was smoking in the evenings and also the workouts were much less challenging than what I do now*.

When I was 21 and crewing films in Texas, I was very strong. I remember on one indie set the grip-electrics would have impromptu pushup competitions. No one had trouble banging out 10+ clapping push-ups, and I could do ~10 one-handed push-ups on either side. My girlfriend at the time (who was a tiny thing, to be fair) would sit on my back and I would do push-ups. I guess that was my metric for fitness then. I’m not that strong in that specific way now, but I guarantee I can outrun, outlift, and out-flexible young me now.

Still though, them hips are just a little jankier.

*Did you know I’m a Crossfitter? No? I do Crossfit. Can I tell you at length about how hard my workouts are? Blah blah blah AMRAPs.

Words last week: 2,000/5,000

Goal words for year: 15/120k

This week was a sobering lesson in scheduling. Many days were end-to-end scheduled, and writing just didn’t happen because it wasn’t specifically put in the calendar. This week will be different.

I’m also looking at taking on a project that would be a huge breakthrough around writing speed. That’s super exciting to me. More later.

Blog posts this year: 8/52

I’m thinking about adding a monthly or semi-monthly plan where on Thursdays I post a treatise on a storytelling concept, like the ones I’ve put up on occasion in prior years. For example, a long-awaited breakdown of how to write the perfect fight scene.

Newsletters this year: 0/24 

Still tabled for now.

Books read: 2/20 

I have Foundation. Yes, THE Foundation. I’m curious to see how it goes, but so far I like it. When I was a teenager and I read it, I did not like it. The other day, in an improv class, I mentioned in a scene that I was reading it and someone in the audience audibly gasped.

Workouts last week: 3/4

I am doing 17.3 today, if you know what that means. After last week’s frustrating lack of pullups, I also did a full week of additional pullup progression work before and after workouts, which is a good feeling. I suspect the real secret to pullups is for me to just lose 20 pounds. I like the idea of hauling around 20 fewer pounds in workouts.

I probably should not have gotten that pizza yesterday.

I am also shopping for travel-friendly pullup things, as 99% of hotels don’t provide anything but a random assortment of dumbbells and an elliptical machine.