Weekly Update 3/8/17

Weekly Update 3/8/17

I am constantly forced to face my assumptions about myself and the world, thanks to actions I take. And the older I get, the busier life gets, the faster these assumptions fall away. Some examples from my files:

“I’m a clever and unique storyteller!”

“I’m more of an inside kid.”

“I’m supposed to be in a relationship with this person!”

A lot of these assumptions come from a place of pride, and to actually go out and create a life and career in the real world, I’ve had to confront that I made all this stuff up and then decided it was true.

Another favorite: “I have a perfect, precious story I’m saving for the right time.” That’s how I felt for years about Wicked City, and now that the first volume is out for the world to read, I don’t have that excuse to fall back on if I fail at something.

Also, for me, it is really strange to look at the world of that story and remember that this was THE most important thing in my mind for nearly a decade. This weird, post-wasteland chaos romp? What?

Anyway, if you can work through that horrifying feeling of nothingness, I believe there’s a real opportunity on the other side to build something new and rich.

This is my obtuse way of saying I’m feeling settled in on the next book, well on my way to a draft, and today’s worries or primarily about how to pull that one off.

In other news, diving into late 90’s/early aughts chillout is making me order records off discogs.com. Help pls. I don’t even have a turntable.

Words last week: 3,032/5,000

Goal words for year: 13/120k

>Writing numbers still modest but double the week prior. Finished one character in the next thing and on to the other three (!). Strong start for this week also.

Blog posts this year: 7/52

>This update schedule is tough. I think I may switch to Sundays, as Mondays are always slogs where I’m rushing from one thing to the next, and this week, Tuesday was also.

Newsletters this year: 0/24 

>Still tabled for now.

Books read: 2/20 

>I got caught up on Giant Days. I’m thinking comic issues don’t count in this category though. See I’m just like the New York Times.

Workouts last week: 3/4

>Feeling quite a bit more settled in after last week. Bod wants to do the tough stuff again.