Weekly Update 2/27/2017

Weekly Update 2/27/2017

World Looking In by Morcheeba is playing at this wine bar. I love that song. There was a ~4 year period where every single Morcheeba album was just fantastic, and especially the first tracks on each. For reference: The Sea and Slow Down. Yum. For a teenager still recovering from a diet of primarily pop, Tool and Powerman 5000, downtempo music was mercifully relaxing.

Downtempo was (and is) a big part of my musical collection. Some, like Massive Attack’s Mezzanine and 100th Window ended up on constant rotation on my first iPod. Some stuff, like Portishead’s work, I eventually had to purge simply because the music bummed me the f out. Six Underground (from the Becoming X by the Sneaker Pimps) perplexed me when I first heard it on the radio at 15 or whatever. It and a couple of other songs I hang on the memory of how terrifying and exciting romance was.

It is likely too indulgent a thing to just do a standalone post entirely about music. But in a weekly update I do what I want.

Fun fact: I have a longstanding morning routine when I am directing something. I get up early, in the dark, and as I’m walking to the set, I listen to Morning Song by Morcheeba. I highly recommend it.

Second fun fact: Chris Corner, who was the creative force behind the Sneaker Pimps, currently lives in Berlin and does incredibly dark and gender-bendy tracks as IAMX. If you liked Placebo, look the guy’s stuff up.

Words last (two) weeks: 3,087/5,000

Goal words for year: 10/120k

>I tried something new and while I didn’t hit my target for words into the draft of the next thing, I also spent a TON of time digging through outlines and consolidating and cleaning up my workflow. End result is a new way to tackle the book that I think makes things so much easier.

Blog posts this year: 6/52

Newsletters this year: 0/24 

>I’ve tabled these in large part because I don’t have news to announce. Yet.

Books read: 2/20 

>I’ve started into Foundation, which I never actually enjoyed reading in my youth. I wonder if there will be a reaction like to Blade Runner, where I couldn’t quite enjoy it at the age I first found it.

Workouts last week: 3/4

>Back in the saddle, and yes, I’m doing the Crossfit Open. Which so far has hurt a great deal. Here’s hoping this week I’ll fill more myself.