Weekly Update 2/20/17

Weekly Update 2/20/17

Full disclosure: I missed the updates for the last two weeks.

Back again from more trips. An absurd number of trips, really. First impression.

I’m also a year older. Or rather, I ticked over from 32 and 11/12 to 33 and 0/12. Growing older is a bizarre experience that some of you can relate to now, and most of you will relate to. Something I’ll have to ruminate on in a later post. There is something that shifted in my experience of the world when I had around ten grown-ass-man birthdays. Anyway, I had a cold during the party. Were there any pictures? While out with friends, I made a drawing that is now the wallpaper on my phone. What can I say? I love the female form:


Barbarella was playing.

On the art front, I also picked up an Apple Pencil (again) last week and I’ve really enjoyed messing around with it. I think I expected the iPad Pro to be my ultimate creative device when I got it, but it works much better as something to mess around on from time to time. An upcoming project has an art element to it, and I’m looking forward to filling that stuff in.

Words last (two) weeks: ??

Goal words for year: 7/120k

>So the metric by which I track words written is not working. I know that I’ve written, but not how many words in a way I can refer to later. I’ll try a new system where I mark words written in a to-do item when I check it off.

>And yes, things are going slower than I intend them to. And writing it down is not exciting.

Blog posts this year: 5/52

Newsletters this year: 0/24 (first will come with news of the new thing!)

Books read: 2/20 

>I picked up The Best Horror of the Year #6 this week, and I have a stack of possible next books. I’ll have a new nonfiction and fiction volume picked out today.

Workouts last week: 2/3 

>I just signed up for the Crossfit Open, despite the fact that I do not currently have a Crossfit Box membership. Looks like I’ll have one tomorrow! I’ll plan on getting in three workouts a week, in addition to Friday Night Lights (which is where we all go do the Open workout of the week!). I’m looking forward to getting back in and suffering a little. My cousin is a amateur bodybuilder now. Gotta catch up.