Weekly Update 1/23/17

Weekly Update 1/23/17

Was traveling all day last Monday. Another city, another hotel. The schedule is such that there was literally no way to have time to exercise unless I skipped dinner or woke up before 5am. I consider myself determined, but I have my limits for now.

I did get some writing in over the weekend. Bouncing between a couple of projects. If I do not have lighthearted comedy within me, perhaps a dark dream sequence where a character is being relentlessly chased through a rainy Houston? I had tabled said dystopian project, but I think it may actually be time to revisit. It is set in a world with normalized authoritarianism, and supposedly justified anti-immigrant state actions. So…relevant.

I am just about ready to announce one of the new things I’m doing, though it will have to wait until after the print launch of Wicked City on January 27. This other new project is challenging. I don’t get to use traditional narrative so it doesn’t work to measure it by traditional novel metrics. Banging out a thousand words on it is difficult.

But, and say it with me, the things most worth doing are hard.

Words last week: 1,500

Goal words for year: 3.5/120k

Blog posts this year: 3/52

Newsletters this year: 0/24 (first will come with news of the new thing!)

Books read: 0/20 (still working on The War of Art and the Daily Show oral history)

Workouts last week: 1/3 (I did yoga in the hotel one morning)