Weekly Update 01/09/17

Weekly Update 01/09/17

It is January still. I am traveling for work, which means I am in a hotel.

Years of traveling in hotels have cooled me on the experience. No longer is a hotel a marvelous wonder, a fancy-pants change of scenery. Today it’s a place I judge by what forgotten gym equipment is placed in the gym, and what beers they do (or do not) bother to have at the convenience store thing to the right of the front desk. I spend a lot of time wearing only a towel and sprawled across a bed much larger than mine. This space is mine to use. The showers are lengthy.

I have previously hinted at exciting things coming in 2017. For now I will borrow a technique from another author and use the blog to post more frequent updates on my life and projects. I have made some very achievable goals that are regardless bigger targets than any I’ve taken on before.

Final thought: I was channel surfing, which I attempt every time I am in a hotel, and I spent seconds lingering on a commercial before moving on. It was a food commercial, with some kind of slick-textured chicken-sequel meat on a plate. A package sat out of focus in the background. It wasn’t until I was some channels farther on that I realized I did not know if the commercial was for human or pet food. Mixed signals all around.
Words last week: 2,000

Goal words for year: 120k

Blog posts this year: 2/52

Newsletters this year: 0/24 (working on the first now! *smek*)

Books read: 0/20 (currently working on The War of Art and the Daily Show oral history)

Workouts last week: 3/3 (so very relived to be doing pushups again)